Thursday, May 5, 2011

Introducing, *trumpet sounds* The facebook page!

No one person has all the answers when it comes to parenting. I firmly believe in the 'it takes a village' notion. We need many minds working together, helping each other, to find the best way to parent our children. I know what's worked for me, and I will gladly share that. However, we all have those things that have worked wonders for us and we just wish we had a way to let others know about it! This blog will be a community blog. All parents, everywhere, need to be able to share their knowledge. This is where the Facebook page comes in.

I've decided that I will be featuring 5 parents and their wonderful advice each Monday. How do you get featured? Simply join the Live, Love, Learn: A Parenting Blog Facebook page and begin posting your advice! Each week, the 5 posts with the most likes will be featured, along with a little bit about the contributor. So, go post your advice now to be featured this coming Monday, and post every week. Also, be sure to click 'like' on any piece of advice you find insightful or particularly helpful. Share the Facebook page and this blog with your friends. This will allow us all to benefit from the wealth of knowledge out there, and have more fun with games and discussions. The more that participate, the better it will be ;)

Click the link below and lets start having fun!

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